Call to Action: Speak Out Against Hunting Expansion in Connecticut!

Ok guys, enough about hummus. It’s time to get serious.

Hunting in Connecticut is real, and though our hunting culture may not be as prominent as other states, we have a beautiful wildlife population that is in constant danger. Last year, Connecticut considered providing permits for bear hunting as a (moronic, stupid, disgusting) response to increased black bear sightings in residential areas, and that is still a possibility. Now, the CT legislature is considering expanding hunting opportunities for kids (side note: WTF?!), allowing crossbow hunting, allowing the use of dogs in turkey hunts, and expanding the hunting season for both crows and coyotes.

A public hearing was held last week to consider these new regulations, and the public has until January 17th to provide comment. The full  proposal can be read HERE. (new items/amendments are underlined)

Now it’s up to us.

Please speak out against expanding these hunting opportunities by sending an email to:

Janice B. Deshais, Esq. 
Director, Adjudicator

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

And hey, let’s just CC the good ole’ Commissioner while we’re at it, eh? Can’t hurt:

Daniel C. Esty

Commissioner, CT DEEP

Emails can be brief and succinct. Tell the CT DEEP that, as a Connecticut resident, you oppose increased opportunities for the destruction of natural wildlife populations and the murder of innocent animals. Tell them that you love coyotes. Tell them anything… just make your voice heard. The DEEP must know that there is a strong, organized opposition to these measures and that they won’t pass without a fight.

Remember, only emails received by January 17th will be considered. LET’S FLOOD THE INBOXES, Y’ALL!!!

Connecticut’s animals thank you.


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