Open Letter to Carolyn Vermont, President, NAACP Bridgeport Chapter

Ms. Vermont,

 I was appalled to read this quote attributed to you, in response to the recently aired Bridgeport police brutality video: “No person should be treated as an animal, no matter what they are charged with.”
While I’m sure the sentiment behind this statement was made with good intentions, it directly implies that being kicked and attacked while helpless on the ground is an acceptable way to treat an animal.
As a passionate activist and defender of animal rights, and founder of Vegan CT,  I find that it is this type of attitude that perpetuates violence and abuse towards animals – that they somehow deserve lower standards of treatment and welfare than humans. Being attacked, kicked and stomped on while lying helpless on the ground is not an acceptable way to treat ANY living being, be they humans or non-human animals. Sadly, thousands upon thousands of animals are subjected to this type of treatment throughout the U.S. on a daily basis.
As a public figure, and defender of equal treatment and rights for humans of all colors, I would expect from you a greater level of sensitivity. I ask that you please request that your statement be retracted, and that you refrain from using this type of harmful speech in the future.
I look very forward to your response.
Rachel Gary
Founder, Vegan CT

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Carolyn Vermont, President, NAACP Bridgeport Chapter

  1. It is indeed unfortunate that the attributed quote of mine in the BPT Post story leaves the mistaken impression that I condone the savage kicking and pummelling of ANY LIVING CREATURE.
    I emphatically do not.
    Be it man or beast, the video appears to depict our city’s finest behaving in a manner grossly unworthy of the high moral authority and standards of decorum to which we as a society intrust and empower our police to use discretionary forceful measures in subduing suspects even when in “hot pursuit.”
    It would appear that the lessons of the Rodney King episode in LA, years back, and Abu Ghuraib subsequent; have not inured our common humanity to the principles of respect and reverence for all life, and the truly internalized concept that such wanton violent behavior begets more violence.

    Carolyn Vermont

  2. Ms. Vermont, thank you for your insightful response and clarification. Your sentiments are much appreciated, and it’s clear that we share the ultimate goal of preventing incidents of violence such as this against all living beings.

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