PRODUCT REVIEW: Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix is Surprisingly Delicious

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Well, color me excited.

I finally made the plunge and ordered something from Vegan Cuts. Have you tried this? It’s like Groupon for vegan products. They feature new and interesting products at a discount, shipped right to you! I had perused the site a few times and wasn’t sure I saw anything worth investing in, until this:


Waffles, guys! If there’s one thing we love in the Vegan CT household, it’s waffles. We do them every Sunday. It’s a tradition. But vegan waffle recipes CAN be a little finicky, amIright? Plus, if you’re also gluten-free, or just trying to reduce your ridiculously extreme average but could be better gluten intake, it’s a rough world out there. Waffles that are vegan AND gluten-free? And actually taste good? And don’t require me to buy 17 different ingredients? Lezzgo.

Wholesome-city, y'all.

Wholesome-city, y’all.

Check out that ingredients list! Not only is Surprisingly Vegan waffle mix vegan and gluten-free, but those are like, normal things in there. And healthy! Oats, walnuts, flax, coconut nectar (a low-glycemic sweetner), salt, vanilla. And not even that creepy vanilla extract gunk they sell in the bottle. REAL vanilla beans! What the what?! The Vegan CT family is a pretty clean-eating group, so this list is like a miracle sent from the wizards of waffle-making. Still, I was skeptical. Could these really be good? Or just “healthy” tasting? And can you  really make waffles without baking powder?

You can.

You can.

Guys, I don’t know. I feel like there’s some sort of magical vegan wizadry witchcraft at play here. Cuz this waffle was good. And not just like “It’s ok, I’ll eat it,” good. I mean, good! Super crispy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside. Slightly sweet and nutty. And filling! I know it looks like the serving size doesn’t fill up my hotel-grade waffle maker (I told you we’re serious about our waffles), but it didn’t need to. This was just as filling and satisfying as a full-on wheaty waffle.




This could be a problem. I mean, I made a waffle ON A WEDNESDAY MORNING. It was healthy. And it took me 5 minutes! It may be waffle-town around here everyday for a while. Or until I run out of mix and have to buy more.

So there you have it, kids. Delicious, vegan, gluten-free waffles made with super wholesome ingredients. I’m super pleased with this purchase because I also love to support up-and-coming vegan companies providing healthy, high-quality products, and I think this is one. Surprisingly Vegan is still featured on Vegan Cuts HERE. The mixes are discounted and the shipping is free. Get on it!


Disclosure: I was not asked to review this product or provided with any type of compensation in return. I bought this mix with my own money. Surprisingly Vegan has no idea who I am. I just really like it and thought I would share.


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