A Vegan at Xfinity Theatre.

warped tour

Last weekend, Vegan CT Jr. begged and pleaded that I take him to Warped Tour at The Meadows, Comcast Theatre Xfinity Theatre or whatever it is called these days. As I always do when we go to major entertainment venues, I packed us some food, cuz I never know what to expect. For the Warped Tour, Xfinity Theatre allows concert goes to bring in “a small snack,” which is a bummer as I usually like to bring “a large cooler,” and which I interpreted to mean: 4 apples, peanuts, roasted chickpeas, and granola bars. That, friends, is a small snack in the Vegan CT household. (Note: the small snack rule was for Warped Tour as it is a day-long festival. No clue what the policy is for regular concerts.)

I knew that that would not hold us over for 8 straight hours of jumping around and screaming, and later in the day, both hungry, we surveyed the options. Several food trucks were parked throughout, though none with much in the way of vegan offerings, so I crossed my fingers and headed to the theater’s concession stands.

Lo and behold! Xfinity offers not one, but two vegan meals – the traditional portobello burger, which I was pleased to see but if I have to eat another portoburger I might lose my mind, and a vegetarian rice bowl.

veg rice bowl

This may just look like a salad, but underneath that mix of arugula, cucumber and tomato was a nice bowl of rice, pinto beans and tofu, spiced Mexican style. It was about as tasty as you can hope for in a concession stand meal, and I was really pleased about the TWO types of plant proteins in this dish. We vegans are lucky if we get one! This kept me satisfied through all the rest of the evening of head-banging and mosh-pitting (just kidding, I did none of those things).

The concessions stands also offer fries, no-butter pretzels if you ask, and various other vegetarian but not vegan offerings (I’ll admit, “dessert nachos” sounded amazing). All vegetarian options were marked with a little green V. Bonus points for not making us have to ask you a billon questions!

Xfinity, we see your efforts and we thank you.

– The Vegans

ADDITIONAL BONUS: Warped Tour included awesome vendor tents by PETA, Mercy for Animals and Action for Animals. AND, several of the musicians in WT bands are vegetarians, and were featured in a booklet about food choices handed out at the show. YASSS.


One thought on “A Vegan at Xfinity Theatre.

  1. I always do the same thing- bring a bunch of snacks with me wherever I go- and my friends make fun of me because I always have a granola bar or apple in my purse! Last year when I went to Warped Tour they only had the portobello burger and the whole time I was surprised, and even commented, that it was strange there were so many pro-vegan organizations present but hardly any vegan food. I’m glad they’ve added a second option, though; we are going places!

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